“Duniaku berGEMA, tatkala hatiku terPIKAT denganmu.”

Gempikat derives from the Malay words “Gema” and “Pikat” which translates to “Echo of attractions”. 

It started off back in September 2021, while facing challenges in the Pandemic and sorting out her ‘baby’ SO.LEK, Dahlia was thinking of having a ‘side hustle’. And after discussing with her loved ones, she decided to go for it!

It has always been a dream of Dahlia’s to own a clothing line inspired by her deep love for fashion as well as her love towards Malaysian tradition and heritage. “A good mix of traditional / vintage and modern, I like to mix my style with updated trends and something vintage that represents me.” as Dahlia would say on her fashion sense.

Some of Dahlia’s fashion muses would be her beautiful Ibu, her late grandmother; Mek, her husband; LoQue.

Her aim is to produce effortless fashion pieces suitable for all shapes & sizes. True to her words, “This is my small SYOK SENDIRI project!”, the pieces have to be what she would wear!

Following SO.LEK’s footstep, proceeds from each product sold will be given to local NGOs and/or charity organizations.